A time will come when you will need to choose the narrow, hazardous way…

Dream 1: On November 4 I had this dream: I was in Edmonton, Canada and had to cross the river. The river was extremely high and they had built a wooden footbridge across it. The water was very muddy. I started across with a group of people, including children. The bridge was barely above the water and had no sides, only a single rope to hang onto. As we started across , we saw that the middle and end of the bridge were submerged. I wanted to turn back, but the others said it was safe. I hung onto the rope, but the others did not. Soon they were floundering in the water trying to save the children, but their efforts were failing. At the last moment I reached the other side and pulled two of them to safety including a child. I’m not sure about the others, but I think some of them made it safely.

Dream 2: The next night I dreamed of the same river in Edmonton. This time I was walking with someone I know who has rejected the faith. I was telling him about the dream as we walked across the river on a wide, solid bridge made for cars. Suddenly the bridge turned off at a right angle into the little wooden bridge of my dream. I said to my companion, “The dream was true!” I felt called to choose the “narrow way”.

When I entered these dreams into my prayer journal, I said, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening. In your mercy reveal the meaning of these dreams.”

“My child, when you see these things happening* you will know that it is time to ‘hunker down”. The persecution will be upon you. The river represents the lies that will flood the earth. The wooden bridge is the church, solid now, but a time will come when it will be submerged–still there, but invisible. The rope is your faith. Hold onto it and you will be safe. Not only that, but through your prayers and love, you will be able to rescue those who may have let go of their faith. The second dream has the two of you on a wide and easy path over the turbulent waters. But a time will come when you will need to choose the narrow, hazardous way. Continue to pray and fast, my child, that your faith may not fail you.”

Lord, my God, I thank you for your care of this unworthy sinner. Lead me. Guide me. Set my feet firmly on the path that leads to you. Sweet Guardian Angel, be with me. Guide me. Amen.

(*The river in Edmonton flooding severely.)

The same day I wrote this in my journal, the following text was posted on Spirit Daily regarding the election of President Obama: “But there is a cloud, a spiritual darkness, that descends and vexes and rains into the river of uncertainty. Where will that river–that rising water flow? We don’t know who Obama is yet…” I felt this was a confirmation of my two dreams.


4 thoughts on “A time will come when you will need to choose the narrow, hazardous way…

  1. Hi, Pelianito,

    I also have had a dream of water recently. I was on the bottom floor of a hotel. I looked out the door and the ocean water was flush with the land–and it was very deep–just yards from the door of the hotel. My impression was that there were many people of a variety of ages in the water not noticing the great depth or disturbing proximity to the hotel. There were children running around without any discipline and without anyone paying attention to them. I pushed a laundry cart in their direction so as to clear the hallway and bring a little order to the area.

    The next day I actually went swimming at our local pool and the water was up to the highest edge of the pool–just like the ocean was up to the land in my dream–a confirmation for me.

    One of our local very long-time and trusted prophets has said that she has been told to seek higher ground…

    The Peace of Christ to you this evening,
    Mary Therese


  2. Yes it is the North Saskatchewan. I did feel this dream was both literal and figurative. Whatever comes, we are to cling to faith and to Jesus in Mary. Earlier this year, I felt the Lord tell me, “Everything will happen at once.” That certainly seems to be the case. All over the world chaos is gaining ground. But we have the victory in our Lord Jesus. As the readings of Advent remind us, let us remain awake and sober.


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