There are many who eat but do not work and many who work but never have enough to eat…

Psalm 128:2 “By the labor of your hands you shall eat.”

“My child, this is the right order of things–that those who wish to eat should also work. Yet in this day, there are many who eat but do not work and many who work but never have enough to eat. Child, the balance will be restored, and not without pain–especially to those who have been pampered. Pray for all, my child. There is much to come and those who do not know how to labor for food will, in their desperation, cause great sufferings. Child pray, but do not fear. I will be with you through it all.”

Jesus I trust in you! Grant that all people will be kept safe from unscrupulous scavengers and thieves. I ask these prayers through Jesus in Mary. Amen.

Psalm 128:2 “By the labor of your hands you shall eat.”

“A time will come when laboring for food, that is, growing your own, will be the only option. Pray for knowledge and good conditions and miraculous providence.”

Jesus, Lord of the harvest, I know that you would not tell me to pray for these things if it did no good. Jesus I trust in you.


6 thoughts on “There are many who eat but do not work and many who work but never have enough to eat…

  1. interesting. for years my husband has worked hard to support the family quite simply. Now i also work as the children are older and one wage simply does nothing!so while we have worked very hard neither of us have a green thumb. so we will really have to pray for knowledge, good conditions and miracles.!!!!!anne


  2. A few years ago an elderly person said to me that this generation would never be able to survive hard times as they had lost the ability and knowledge of how to live without technology and a ready supply of goods. Our Lord knows this. He is ready to help all those who cry out to him. He is able to infuse knowledge into us and I believe he will do it if we trust in him.

    The most important thing right now is to pray for souls as Mary has said, including our own. The severity of the tribulation depends on how many souls turn to him after the Illumination. So PRAY! Give him souls, and he will look after the rest.

    “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be given to you besides.”


  3. My husband has been without work since January 20, 2009. I went to work for a short period of time and now am attending school full-time while he continues his search for work.

    We have plenty of food, because we had to resort to receiving food stamps. Do you think the Lord is displeased with us?

    I don’t know what to do anymore?


  4. Peace and blessings Motherof5. No I do NOT think that the reason you are suffering is because the Lord is displeased with you! This blog post speaks about the imbalance that greed has brought to the world. There is enough food, enough money, enough of everything in the world. Too few have too much and too many don’t have enough. That is the imbalance. If those who had much invested in the common good, there would be work for everyone and poverty would be eliminated. The Lord WILL restore the balance. Unfortunately, the innocent are suffering in the meantime. I will pray for a drastic improvement in your situation as I know others who are likewise suffering.

    God be with you dear sister.


  5. Thank you for your prayers.

    I have been undergoing alot of temptation. I hear what Jesus has to say, but often fall into anxiety (a fault I have struggled with since my childhood).

    He wants us all to trust in Him and to be faithful to Him.

    May God’s will be done!

    To Mary Therese:

    You are familiar to me. I am moved to ask for your prayers and thank you for your sacrifices. May God continue to bless you.


    1. Another prayer you can pray while going about your duties: Jesus I trust in you. The more you pray it, the more you will find your anxiety leaving. Perhaps your anxiety is a call to pray this prayer more often. In that case the Lord may not remove your anxiety, but will use it to call you to more or deeper prayer. Just a thought. God bless.


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