You will see things you have never seen before…

Dream: I was traveling in a car with two other people. It was summer and we were in the country driving in a bleak, bald landscape. We turned a corner. There was a cross-wind. Suddenly we saw some drifts ahead but we could not stop in time and plowed into one. The depth of the substance covered the windows on the right side of the vehicle, but we were able to get out on the left. To our amazement, the drifts were made of ash. But then we were given “help”. A voice told us not to let ash plug up the engine and we were given the strength to “shake” it out of the vehicle. When I awoke, I heard these words: “You will see things you have never seen before.” I felt this was a warning and that the whole world would be affected. I also felt hopeful. Whatever happens, the Lord will be near to those who call on him.


4 thoughts on “You will see things you have never seen before…

  1. As with Scripture there is often a literal and a symbolic meaning to dreams. It can be difficult to pinpoint the message. I dream a lot, but some of my dreams I know have been “given” and contain a message. Over the years I have found that they are first and foremost calls to prayer. This particular dream inspires me to pray, “For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.” Thanks for your comment, Anne. God bless.



    Hello, dear Pelianito,
    You are probably familiar with the above story. But your blog reflect the results of Mark Mallett’s dream that he posted approximately a month ago. It may have been a repeat–I’m not sure, but your viewers may appreciate any insight you may have after reflecting upon the above. This is a very well known story.

    May God bless you abundantly my friend,
    Mary Therese


  3. Thank you for this link Mary Therese. The warnings of our Lady speak of a coming nuclear war if people do not repent. Well, for the most part, they have not repented. Daily we read of new atrocities, new desecrations of the Eucharist, and the imminent passing of the Freedom of Choice Abomination. As Mother Theresa said, “The fruit of abortion is nuclear war.” With this new pro-abortion president, war seems unavoidable. So stories like the one you posted are so important. We have credible proof that our Lady is there to help those who depend on her. Let us continue to pray for each other. Lord have mercy!


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