What folly to worship something that can only serve the body!

Hebrews 13:9b It is good to have our hearts strengthened by grace and not by foods, which do not benefit those who live by them.

“My child, it is by grace that you are strengthened. Food can strengthen the body, but if food is abused it will weaken the soul. If it is worshiped, it will kill the spirit. What folly to worship something that can only serve the body! It is the spirit that lives forever and must be safeguarded jealously so as not to lose the eternal reward. My child, food is necessary, but you must not become attached to certain foods or give them more importance than they merit. Give thanks to God for his gracious gifts. Be joyful in the Giver rather than in the gifts. Then all things will be in their proper order.”

Lord Jesus, I beg your mercy on me for the many times I have given food the love I should only give to you. I give you thanks and praise for your bounty in nature that gives us foods and spices. I praise you for your care of all these details and for our taste buds to enjoy your gifts. May all glory be yours, O Lord, generous and good, Giver of all gifts. I love you!


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